Animal Behavior Services

Animal Behavior - Cats Alana Stevenson provides animal behavior consultations and dog training lessons in your home and online by video — FaceTime and Skype.

She locally services greater Boston, Massachusetts, including Cohasset and Weymouth, and the Burlington, Vermont area. Alana provides online video dog and cat behavior consultations nationally and overseas. She has consulted with clients in Australia, Jordan, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, and the UK.

Dog and cat behavioral consultation times vary depending on the severity of the behavioral problems and the number of animals involved. In-home consultations are about 3 hours. Alana provides two hour and three hour online-video consultations, with one hour consultation follow ups. If time exceeds the designated length for an appointment, a follow up consultation or lesson will be scheduled.

All animal behavior consultations and dog training lessons are scheduled by appointment. Deposits are required to hold appointment times and are non-refundable. Online-video behavioral consultations are prepaid upon scheduling.

Philosophy and Methodology

Alana Stevenson embraces a compassionate, holistic, and animal-friendly approach when working with dogs and cats to resolve behavioral problems. She teaches clients how to prevent problem behaviors to set their animals up for success and implements training methods such as passive training, luring, shaping, desensitization, and counter-conditioning.

Alana teaches humane leash handling with her Leash Isometrics™ so clients learn how to hold and handle the leash properly to maintain control over their dogs without yanking or jerking while preventing aggression, reactivity, and injury.

Alana’s philosophy is that training is ‘teaching’ and teaching should be fun and rewarding for both people and animals. It should be based on mutual respect, trust, cooperation, and positive reinforcement.

To schedule a cat or dog behavior consultation or dog training lesson, call Alana at 617.921.1224 or email


What Clients Say

Meg, Bill, Izzie, Syd & Raphie

Meg and Bill were desperate to have their new blended family of two cats and dog get along.