Professional Background

Dog & Cat Behavior Specialist and Dog Trainer

Alana Stevenson


Assist dog and cat owners with their pet’s problem behaviors. Provide dog and cat behavioral consultations and private dog training lessons. Teach animal behavior seminars and presentations on humane handling, dog and cat behavior modification, enrichment, and animal massage therapy. Teach Kitten Kindergarten and positive dog training classes. Mar. 2003–Present

Fear Free Certified Professional, October 2017
Certified Silver in Low Stress Handling for Dogs and Cats, July 2015

American Association of Feline Practitioners—Cat Friendly Practice Advisory Council, 2015-Present

Certified with the Association of Animal Behavior Professionals, Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, Bancroft School of Massage Therapy

Professional Memberships

  • American Association of Feline Practitioners
  • Association of Animal Behavior Professionals
  • Animal Behavior Society
  • International Society for Applied Ethology
  • Association of Professional Dog Trainers
  • International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork
  • Association of Companion Animal Behavior Counselors

Animal Massage Therapist

Teach animal massage therapy and techniques to dog and cat owners. Certified in Small Animal Massage Therapy by the Bancroft School of Massage Therapy. 2007-Present


Training Your Dog the Humane Way: Simple Teaching Tips for Resolving Problem Behaviors and Raising a Happy Dog. New World Library, 2011

The Right Way the First Time: Teaching Your Dog Kindly and Humanely (First edition). Self-published, 2007

Instructor of Animal Behavior, Handling, and Management

Developed curriculum and taught animal behavior, handling, and management for the Bancroft School of Massage Therapy—Small Animal Massage Program, 2007-2010

Environmental Science & Biology Teacher

Taught high school biology, bioethics, college biology, environmental science, 7th grade science, and freshman physics, 1997-2002

Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist

Observed surgical procedures, assisted with medical examinations, performed general animal care, administered medications, maintained client records, serviced clients, 1987-1989

Research Experience

Animal abuse as an investigational tool and lethality predictor
Compiled research on using animal abuse as an investigational tool and lethality predictor as an indicator of violent crimes against people. This research was used by Illinois State Police Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board in the curriculum to train law enforcement officers, 1998

Alternatives to Dissection: An Evaluation of Software Programs in Anatomy and Physiology
Evaluated software programs in anatomy and physiology to replace animal dissection. Directed educational research on college students’ experiences with animal dissection in Biology, Fall 1995-Spr. 1996

Manatee Population Study

Surveyed manatee populations in the Florida Intracoastal Waterway, 1989


Alana Stevenson Cat Behaviorist


University at Albany, M.S. Biology Education
NY and MA teaching certifications
Albany, NY 1996

University at Albany, B.A. Biology
Minor Anthropology

Graduated cum laude, Albany, NY 1995
Dean’s List, 1993-1995

Certified Silver in Low-Stress Handling for Dogs and Cats
Behavioral topics included low stress handling of difficult dogs and cats, towel wrap techniques for handling cats; handling, moving, and restraining medium-sized to large dogs; handling, moving, and restraining small to medium-sized dogs; preparing the patient and setting up the hospital to create a relaxing environment; the science of animal learning;  recognizing and reversing fear and aggression, July 2015

Certified Small Animal Massage Therapist
Completed a 200 hr small animal massage therapy program at the Bancroft School of Massage Therapy, 2007

Certified Canine Behavior Counselor
Queens, NY
Full-time 240 hour internship in canine obedience and behavior modification at the Animal Behavior Center. Certification with the Association of Companion Animal Behavior Counselors. Curriculum coursework from Clinical Behavioral Medicine in Small Animals by Dr. Karen Overall, Teaching Clicker Classes: An Instructor’s Guide to Using Positive Reinforcement in Dog Training by Deborah Jones, Ph.D., and Delta Society’s Manual on Mission and Ethics for Trainers, Jan.-Feb. 2003

Additional Coursework & Experience

Below is the syllabus for the internship at the Animal Behavior Center in NY. This internship was a 240 hour full-time program taken in Jan. 2003. The curriculum followed the Delta Society’s Manual on Mission and Ethics for Trainers, Teaching Clicker Classes: An Instructor’s Guide to Using Positive Reinforcement in Dog Training, by Deborah Jones, Ph.D., and Clinical Behavioral Medicine in Small Animals, by Dr. Karen Overall.

Course Content

  • History of applied animal behavior
  • Scientific inquiry and critical thinking
  • The analysis of behavior
  • Stimuli, reinforcers, and punishers
  • Extinction and schedules of reinforcement
  • Stimulus control
  • Respondent conditioning
  • Acquiring and maintaining behavior
  • Biology of behavior
  • Biology of stress
  • Principles of ethology
  • History of the species
  • House training and elimination disorders
  • Basic canine behavior pharmacology
  • Clinical applications of canine behavioral pharmacology

Additional Topics

  • Ethological definitions
  • Molecular evolution of the dog family
  • Comparative and contrasting roots
  • Can you ID a dog with DNA?
  • Rabies virus
  • Medical consideration for dog bites
  • Pica behavior in adult dogs
  • Separation anxiety
  • Problem barking
  • Submissive urination
  • Acral Lick Dermatitis
  • Attended the First International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants Two-Day Conference in Maryland (founding member), 2005. An Overview of Companion Parrot Management, How to Run and Teach Feisty Fido Classes

University Undergraduate & Graduate

  • Veterinary Science
  • Anatomy and Physiology 1 & 2
  • Medical Terminology
  • Genetics
  • Immunology
  • Hematology
  • Animal Biology
  • Animal Social Systems
  • Urinalysis
  • Primatology
  • The Oceans
  • Animal Behavior
  • Marine Biology
  • Child and Adolescent Psychology
  • Anthropology—Urban and Cultural
  • Ecology
  • Classroom Research
  • Perspectives in Science
  • Sociology of Families
  • Teaching Science
  • Child Abuse Seminar


  • Analgesia for Cats by Sheilah Robertson, DVMS, PhD (2016)
  • Feline Pain Management in General Practice by Michael Petty, DVM (2016)
  • Addressing Aggressive Behavior in Birds by Barbara Heidenreich (2005)
  • The Basics of Parrot Care by Pamela Clark (2005)
  • Solving Common Parrot Behavior Problems by Barbara Heidenreich (2005)
  • Enrichment Techniques for Companion Animals: Cats, Dogs and Parrots by Dr. Oliva-Purdy (2005)
  • An Overview of Companion Parrot Management (2004)
  • How to Run and Teach Feisty Fido Classes (2004)


  • Featured in Hondenleven magazine.
  • Interviewed by Animal Voices Canada 2011, Lucky Dog Show 2009.
  • Featured in local newspapers, The Newton Tab, regarding my work as a dog trainer and animal massage therapist 2008, and in the Boston Globe, as a feline behaviorist 2011.
  • Featured animal behaviorist on The Chronicle, a local television show about New England 2006.
  • Appeared on Capital News 9 to provide tips on how to calm down high-energy dogs 2004.
  • Appeared on local news stations, Albany, NY, regarding “Jimmy,” a capuchin monkey, on his abusive conditions and held at an exotic pet shop. He would be later released to Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary in Jacksonville, FL. 1994-1996.

Rescue, Advocacy & Volunteer Experience

  • Case stories of two shelter dogs, Zee and Ari, with implemented behavior modification suggestions, are in my books, The Right Way the First Time (2007) and Training Your Dog the Humane Way (2011).
  • A shelter pitbull appears on the front cover of The Right Way the First Time (2007) to promote humane training for stigmatized and maligned breeds.
  • Shelter dogs and volunteers have attended my training classes free of charge.
  • Donated copies of my book, The Right W