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Professional Reviews

“Alana Stevenson’s skills have allowed dogs that might have been euthanized to lead safe and productive lives. As a Police Chief working in a very complex society—vicious dogs, humans who suffer dogs bites and aggressive animal behavior periodically surface on my radar. To gain an understanding of this behavior, particularly in very aggressive dogs or incidents where a victim is bitten, requires the services of a skilled individual. The Milton Police Department and our Animal Control Unit have benefited from the specialized behavioral services of Alana Stevenson. Alana has a great understanding of animal behavior and the specific negative traits that a dog may exhibit as well as developing positive training solutions.”

People always refer to a dog as “man’s best friend.” Truth be told they really are. Unfortunately, some people who own dogs do not always understand the responsibility associated with ownership. Alana Stevenson’s skills have allowed dogs that might have been euthanized to lead safe and productive lives. I recommend Alana’s expertise and knowledge for working with aggressive and troubled dogs.” Richard G. Wells, Jr., Chief of Police, Milton Police Department

Jonathan Balcombe“Alana has kindly given me excellent advice which resolved a litter-box issue with my two cats. Even though I am an animal behaviorist myself, I simply didn’t have the specialist knowledge and experience with cat and dog issues that Alana provides. I highly recommend her.” Jonathan Balcombe, Ph.D., author of Second Nature: The Inner Lives of Animals and The Exultant Ark

“I first met Alana Stevenson while Director of the Bancroft School of Massage Therapy Small Animal Program. I was so impressed with her commitment to animals and knowledge of animal behavior that I hired her to teach in the program as an instructor. Alana has great insight into working with animal behavior issues and fabulous gentle training methods for animals, young and old. I highly recommend contacting Alana for animals with existing behavior problems or for working with a puppy or kitten to get them started on the right track.” Theresa Gagnon, CVT, LMT,

Nancy Bersani“Alana changed my life and the lives of the animals who she worked with at my shelter. Before Alana Stevenson, using correction based training methods was all I knew to work with dogs who came into the shelter with behavioral issues. I never felt comfortable with these methods. Alana opened my eyes to science-based positive training methods and I have never gone back.

Alana changed the behavior of a very difficult young dog who had nipped so many people no one was willing to work with her anymore. With Alana’s help this dog stopped nipping and was adopted into a loving home. Alana helped us with another dog who had been abused and was showing fear aggression. She let him and his new owner take her training classes for free.

Aside from her skills in animal behavior and training, Alana is a talented animal massage therapist. She provided massage therapy to our shelter cats. Cats can become very stressed at the shelter. With Alana’s touch, our cats were able to relax and became much more adoptable.” Nancy J Bersani, Animal Control Officer, Milton Animal Shelter

Dr Ilene Segal DVM & Tyco“Alana is an amazing trainer. My dog Tyco is an ex-show dog, and came to us without any basic manner skills as he had only lived in a kennel situation and also had some dog aggression issues. After using her kind and compassionate methods during our private lessons, Tyco has flourished and is now a well-adjusted and behaved member of both human and canine society. We have both benefited from her expertise and knowledge! Tyco adores her!

Alana is articulate and able to convey her instructions and ideas to her clients with ease. I find her book to be invaluable. The book is concise and elucidates the dog’s thinking process so that the owner understands why positive dog training is instrumental in enhancing the human-pet bond. Alana also has expertise in feline behavior modification, which has been instrumental in preventing several clients from having to re-home or euthanize their cats.” Dr. Ilene Segal, DVM & Tyco

“Alana Stevenson has a practical and effective, case-oriented approach to compassionate dog training. She gave us a personalized training regimen for our dog, Sara, to get the best response possible, and we’ve seen immediate and positive improvement. Her advice was very helpful and insightful.

After the consultation and implementing Alana’s recommendations, we had a reduction in Sara’s “senseless” barking, and had a dinner party of twelve and everyone commented on the noticeable changes in Sara. Alana has a clear passion for pet training and cares deeply about advancing the human-animal bond. I highly recommend her to anyone wishing to get the most out of their relationship with their pets.” Terence Krentz, DVM, Massachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital

Lynn Hoover“As a colleague, founder and former president of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, I have been very familiar with Alana’s work for over ten years. Alana Stevenson is a high integrity, gifted practitioner. She is extremely knowledgeable and is an expert in her field. I know the quality of her work and it is excellent.

I once consulted Alana about a cat who adopted us and her advice was on-target. Ms. Stevenson has devoted her life to the well-being of companion animals. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking behavioral help for their dogs and cats.” Lynn Hoover, author of Dog Quirks and Behavior Solutions