Dog Behavior & Training, Alana Stevenson
Alana Stevenson’s Dog Behavior and Dog Training services provide you with the knowledge and skills to teach your dog and to resolve and manage canine behavioral problems in a humane way. Dog behavior consults and dog training lessons are available in-person and online, by video and Skype. DOG BEHAVIOR | DOG TRAINING

Cat Behavior & Training, Alana Stevenson
Alana Stevenson’s Cat Behavior and Cat & Kitten Training services provide you with the information you need to teach your cat and to resolve and manage feline behavioral problems in a caring manner. Cat behavior consults and cat training lessons are available in-person or online, by video and Skype. CAT BEHAVIOR | CAT & KITTEN TRAINING

Alana Stevenson Video & Skype Consultation
Alana Stevenson provides Dog and Cat Behavior consultations online by video and Skype. Online Skype consults vary in length from two to three hours depending on the nature and complexity of the feline or canine behavior problems and the number of animals involved. VIDEO/SKYPE CONSULTS

To schedule training or a behavioral consultation with Alana Stevenson, call 617.921.1224 or

Alana Stevenson Seminars
Alana Stevenson’s Dog Behavior and Cat Behavior seminars have helped individuals, shelters and rescue organizations throughout the US with important topics including working with fear and aggression, behavior modification and enrichment for shelter animals, and understanding feline and canine body language. Featured Seminars include: Leash-Handling Isometrics™, Humane Low-Stress Feline Handling, and Association & Context Learning in Animals.  » SEMINARS

Training Your Dog the Humane Way

“Training Your Dog the Humane Way is a landmark book.”

Marc Bekoff, PhD, University of Colorado, author of The Emotional Lives of Animals, Wild Justice, and The Animal Manifesto

American Association of Feline Practitioners

Master of Science in Biology Education
Certified in Low Stress Handling for Dogs and Cats
Fear Free Certified Professional
Cat Friendly Practice Advisory Council


Alana Stevenson WebinarsFeline Fundamentals Low-Stress Handling Basics covers the importance of humane, low-stress handling methods and techniques when working with cats to keep their stress levels low and to prevent ourselves and cats from getting injured.

Animal Massage TherapyAlana Stevenson provides Animal Massage Therapy for Dogs and Cats. Massage is relaxing and healing for animals. It relieves stress and prevents muscle atrophy.  » ANIMAL MASSAGE THERAPY

Lily & Max
Lily & Max“We haven’t seen any cord chewing at all.”
Things have been going quite well with Lily since your visit. We haven’t seen any cord chewing at all. We actually just got back last night from a week’s vacation. While we were gone we gave them free reign of the house and had no chewing of plants or cords. So, we are quite pleased with how things are going. We also have changed our behavior and never yell at them when they jump on the table or counter. We just remove them with no eye contact and redirect to something else. So far so good! Thanks so much for your consultation and concern for the cats.  ~ Michele & Rob Naugler, Lily & Max

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Milton Police Department
The Milton Police Department and our Animal Control Unit have benefited from the specialized behavioral services of Alana Stevenson. Alana has a great understanding of animal behavior and the specific negative traits that a dog may exhibit as well as developing positive training solutions.

Alana Stevenson’s skills have allowed dogs that might have been euthanized to lead safe and productive lives. I recommend Alana’s expertise for working with aggressive and troubled dogs. Read more
~ Richard G. Wells, Jr., Chief of Police, Milton Police Department

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