ICAT Agility
iCAT promotes cat agility tournaments and encourages cat guardians to play with their cats daily through the use of toys, lures and operant conditioning.

Rat-AppleMouse Agility
Watch some of the cutest clicker trained mice and learn how intelligent they really are.

Rat Fan Club
Focuses on rats as companion animals and provides information about their proper care and kind treatment.

The Cat Locator
LoCATor Pet Tracking System can help you find your cat or dog in case of emergency or if your dog or cat gets lost. Communication Specialists manufactures pet tracking collars for large and small dogs and cats.

A website resource on the proper care of bunnies and parakeets.


Search for animals in need of adoption and rescue.

Life with Cats
Alana Stevenson’s articles on cat behavior & training.

Cat in a Tree Rescue
Provides a directory of professional tree climbers who can help if your cat gets stuck in a tree.

Say No to circuses
Ringling Fact Sheet

EARTHLINGS is an award winning film about society’s treatment of animals. Watch the documentary online.

Animal Sentience
A sentient animal is one for whom feelings matter.“- Professor John Webster.
These pdfs discuss sentience in farm animals.