Animal Behavior Seminars Alana Stevenson

Animal Behavior Seminars

Alana Stevenson brings a wealth of dog and cat behavior and training knowledge, real-world expertise, and practical tools to her animal behavior seminars and dog training workshops.

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In this seminar, Alana will teach you the principles of how dogs learn so you can know the best ways to teach them using a completely humane training approach.

Topics include the importance of timing in training, principles of association and context learning, and how your body language, eye-contact, and touch can directly influence a dog’s behavior.

You will learn how to read dog body language so you can have a better relationship with your dog and interpret dog-dog interactions correctly.

We have all met dogs who are aggressive or reactive. They may lunge and bark on leash or try to bite. In this workshop, Alana will teach you how to implement behavior modification successfully. You will learn how to resolve fearful and aggressive behaviors as well as leash reactivity in dogs.

Topics discussed include how to read dog body-language so you can keep dogs calmer and interpret dog-dog interactions correctly, the importance of using a humane approach when resolving fear and aggression, desensitization and counter-conditioning, and how your body-language and approach can directly influence a dog’s behavior.

During the hands-on component, Alana will teach Leash Isometrics™, a series of leash handling techniques that focus on proper body mechanics while utilizing isometrics, and body-positioning techniques on leash, which will enable you to maneuver your dog in situations where he may be uncomfortable, but so that he remains calmer and is more attentive to you. Alana’s Leash Isometrics™ enables you to use the leash without resorting to yanking or pulling on your dog, even unintentionally, and prevents injury.

The lecture and hands-on components can be taught separately or together (See Leash Isometrics™ and Body-Positioning Techniques on Leash).

In this hands-on workshop, Alana will demonstrate Leash Isometrics™, a series of leash handling techniques she created that focus on proper body mechanics while utilizing isometrics. This will allow you to maintain control of your dog without yanking or pulling on him and prevents injury. These special leash handling techniques are illustrated and explained in The Right Way the First Time ©2007 and again with a new series of pictures illustrated in Training Your Dog the Humane Way ©2011. Shortening the leash, yet keeping it relaxed, and learning how to use your body to meet your dog’s resistance, even if he suddenly pulls or lunges, will markedly change your dog’s behavior and make him much more attentive to you.

Alana will demonstrate body-positioning techniques to help you maneuver your dog through uncomfortable or potentially tough situations, so that he stays calmer and is less reactive.

With Leash Isometrics™ and body-positioning techniques on leash you will be able to humanely and effectively manage and prevent problematic behaviors and aggressive responses in dogs.