Animal Massage Therapy

Alana Stevenson is a certified animal massage therapist specializing in small animal massage. She teaches clients professional massage therapy techniques so they can properly massage their dogs and cats at home. Skills and techniques taught are

  • Effleurage
  • StretchingAlana Stevenson Animal Massage Therapy
  • Passive Range of Motion
  • Petrissage
  • Compression
  • Myofascial Massage
  • Vibration
  • Skin Rolling
  • Direct Pressure
  • Locating & Releasing Trigger Points
  • Body Rocking
  • Friction
  • Laying on of Hands

During animal massage sessions, Alana will go over basic dog and cat anatomy, how to read canine and feline body language, and ways to incorporate mindful and gentle touch and massage into the daily routine.

Massage therapy sessions vary in length and are scheduled by appointment. Deposits are required to hold appointments and are nonrefundable.

To schedule an animal massage therapy session, call Alana at 617.921.1224 or email

What Clients Say

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