Dog & Cat Training Classes

(Life Skills)

Thursday    6:00-7:00    6  sessions    Starts   April 4  Fee: $115    Limit:  12

Thursday    6:00-7:30    1  session    Starts   March 28    Fee: $25    Limit:  20

Alana Stevenson’s dog and cat training classes are completely humane and positive. She uses compassionate, science-based techniques when working with dogs and cats and teaches clients how to prevent and manage behavioral problems to set their dogs and cats up for success.

Alana Stevenson uses harnesses, flat fabric collars, 6 ft. nylon, fabric leashes (5/8″), hand signals, and food for training dogs. She teaches people how to use their voice and body-language to communicate better with their animal companions and how to provide praise, play, toys, and treats to effectively change canine and feline behavior.

Alana does not use shock or e-collars, nylon slip collars, choke chains, prong collars, shake cans, or squirt bottles. To read more about Alana’s philosophy and methods, see Alana Stevenson’s Bio and FAQ’s.

For dog or cat training classes, call Alana at 617.921.1224 or email her