Featured Animal Behavior Seminars & Workshops

Alana Stevenson provides animal behavior seminars and workshops for animal shelters, veterinary hospitals, and animal welfare and rescue organizations. Alana brings a wealth of knowledge and real world expertise to her dog and cat behavior seminars and dog training workshops.

Alana’s Featured Animal Behavior Seminars and Workshops: Leash-Handling Isometrics™, Humane Feline Handling, and Association & Context Learning in Animals.

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Leash-Handling Isometrics™

Dog Behavior Seminar & Workshop Leash-Handling Isometrics ™ Leash handling utilizing principles of isometrics

Alana Stevenson has created a series of leash handling techniques that focus on proper body mechanics while utilizing the principles of isometrics. These techniques allow you to use the leash without resorting to yanking or pulling on your dog and prevents injury. Dogs have an oppositional reflex and any pull on your dog can cause him to pull more or become aggressive, reactive, shy, or shut down. Alana’s special Leash-Handling Isometrics™ techniques are illustrated and explained in her dog training book, The Right Way the First Time ©2007 and again, with a new series of pictures, in Training Your Dog the Humane Way ©2011. Alana Stevenson’s Leash-Handling Isometrics™, even if your dog is large or a strong puller, will markedly change your dog’s behavior.

Dog Behavior Seminars & Workshops

Humane Feline Handling

For Animal Shelters, Veterinary Clinics & Rescue Organizations

Gentle and humane handling makes handling cats easier.

Animal Behavior Seminar & Workshop Feline Handling Alana Stevenson

Alana Stevenson developed a Humane Feline Handling Standard Operating Procedure or Protocol for animal shelters and feline rescue organizations in 2015. She provides this to any shelters or organizations and staff who take her seminars, and upon request.

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