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Alana Stevenson CatsAlana Stevenson is a professional animal behavior specialist. She has a graduate degree in biology education and is certified in Low-Stress Handling for Dogs and Cats. Alana is on the Cat-Friendly Practice Advisory Council for the American Association of Feline Practitioners and holds memberships with the Animal Behavior Society, the International Society for Applied Ethology and the International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork. She is certified with the Association of Animal Behavior Professionals and is certified Fear Free.

Feline Fundamentals: Humane Handling Basics pre-recorded webinars cover the importance of humane, low-stress handling methods and techniques when working with cats to keep their stress levels low and to prevent ourselves and cats from getting injured.

Feline Fundamentals: Behavior, Body-Language & Communication.
Learn how to read feline body-language so you can understand your cat better, how cats deal with stress, and the dynamics of group or cooperative behavior — which is why cats are frequently stigmatized and misunderstood. Learn the importance of vertical surfaces for cats, creative ways to play with them, and how to position resources for feline enrichment. Common cat behavior problems — failure to use the litter box, play-biting and play-aggression, and furniture scratching — are addressed.

Feline Fundamentals webinars are suitable for anyone who likes cats, wants to learn more about them, works with cats in a shelter or clinical setting, or volunteers with rescue.

Feline Fundamentals Approach, Scruffing & Minimal Restraint ~ Free!

Feline Fundamentals – Approach, Scruffing & Minimal Restraint is a complimentary, introductory webinar touching on humane feline handling techniques. Alana goes over how to approach cats to keep them calmer, why scruffing cats should be avoided, and the simple principles of minimal restraint. (8 min.) Humane and gentle cat handling principles and techniques are more fully explained and demonstrated in Alana Stevenson’s Feline Fundamentals Humane Handling Basics 1 & 2, available for purchase.

Watch Approach, Scruffing & Minimal Restraint

Feline Fundamentals Humane Handling 1Feline Fundamentals Humane Handling Basics 1, $9.95

In Feline Fundamentals Humane Handling Basics 1, Alana Stevenson goes over why low-stress handling is important, why our attitude matters, and how our approach affects cats. You will learn to recognize the differences in body-language between content happy cats and stressed, fearful ones, and understand simple environmental modifications that can be made when housing cats to keep them calmer, happier and more relaxed. (20 min.)

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