Alana Stevenson has appeared in the Netherlands Hondenleven Magazine and was a featured animal behaviorist on Capital News 9 where she provided tips to viewers on how to calm down excitable and energetic dogs. WCVB’s TV show Chronicle accompanied her to clients’ homes to highlight her humane dog and cat training and positive ways to resolve animal behavior problems.

Alana Stevenson’s animal behavior and training articles have been printed in Animal Wellness, K9 Magazine, NovaDog, The American Dog,, and

Selection of Alana Stevenson interviews:

Animal Wellness

View How to Pick Up & Carry a Cat in Animal Wellness Magazine

Move Over Dog Whisperer: Alana Stevenson’s Training Your Dog the Humane Way
With a growing industry of products, services, and even TV shows, dog training is big business in the United States and Canada. But some of the most popular practices in the dog training world are abusive and rely on dominance and intimidation to control behavior. Alana Stevenson, author of Training Your Dog the Humane Way: Simple Teaching Tips for Resolving Problem Behaviors & Raising a Happy Dog, joins us to talk about how to teach and learn with our animal companions by using positive, kind and compassionate methods.

The Pet Place Radio Show

The Pet Place Radio Show

Host Marie Hulett talks with Alana Stevenson about her “Gentle Dog Training” method.

Original airdate: 9-28-2008 AM 1260

Featured client “Teddy” in the Boston Globe