Interior design with animals in mind

Interior Design for Animals

It’s like feng shui” for your animal companions

Are you refurnishing your home, relocating, or renovating your living space? Alana provides consultations on how to make the indoor environment feline and canine-friendly for your dog’s and cat’s emotional and behavioral health and well-being.

Alana’s consultations provide suggestions and advice on how to harmonize and enrich the living space for dogs and cats to make them happier, better behaved, and prevent behavioral problems.

How animals utilize space is very important

We often overlook how our dogs and cats make use of space and the settings around them to prevent conflict with people or other animals. How animals use space and how we divvy it up for them can create conflict or tension—or peace and tranquility. Often behavioral problems can be reduced when rearrangements to furniture, beds, toy bins and crates (both sizes and shapes), litter pans, gates, food and water bowls and the addition of shelving are made. Even furniture fabric can influence an animal’s behavior.

Interior design for animals by Alana StevensonAlana provides recommendations to create living space with your animal’s best interest in mind. She provides in-home and online consultations. For online consultations, Alana will ask you to provide video clips of the home, rooms, or space that you want to enrich or create, and background information on your dog or cat.

Alana shows you how to rearrange and create living space that is harmonious for people and their animal companions based on her extensive knowledge and experience in animal behavior.

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