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Training Tips for Happy Dogs and Holiday Houseguests

The Power of the Positive: Train Humane

Three DogsDiet and Your Pet’s Food

Living with More than One Dog

Humane Leash-Walking Tips

Introducing Dogs to Cats

Positive Training versus being Dominant or Alpha

Is Your Dog Depressed? – pg. 5-6

Integrating Your Dog with A Cat – pg. 14-15

The Best Reward – pg. 24-26

Comparison of Visual and DNA Breed Identification

Whatever Happened to the Term Alpha Wolf?


Cat and computerCAT BEHAVIOR

Hide & Hiss

Behavior – Life with Cats

The Hiss

Tail Talk

Interview with Alana Stevenson, Feline Behaviorist

Inter-Cat Aggression

One Kitty Picks on Another

Meowing before Work and Weaning Kittens

Hairballs and Licking the Carpet

How to Play with Your Cat

Playing with a Declawed Cat

Kitty Destroying Sofa with Scratching & Declawing

Tips to Have a Happy Cat

Getting Your Cat Acclimated to a Carrier



Fighting Like Cats and Dogs – pg. 14-15

Integrating Your Dog with A Cat – pg. 14-15

Dogs and Cats Can Live Together


Cat & Dog Behavior Books


The Right Way the First Time: Teaching Your Dog Kindly and Humanely (2007) by Alana Stevenson

Training Your Dog the Humane Way: Simple Teaching Tips for Resolving Problem Behaviors and Raising a Happy Dog (2011) by Alana Stevenson