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Clients provide reviews and recommendations on Alana Stevenson’s dog and cat behavior and training services.

Cathy, Bruce & Nibbler

Alana helps Cathy and Bruce with their cat’s failure to use his litter box.

Jaime, Ed & Murphy

Alana helps Jaime and Ed Marshall with Murphy’s leash reactivity and fear of strangers.

Meg, Bill, Izzie, Syd & Ralphie

Meg and Bill were desperate to have their new blended family of two cats and dog get along.

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Dog Clients

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Alana Stevenson reviews“When Coco came to us, she had very deep trust issues, especially with men. She would growl at us at home and would not tolerate any touching on her hind quarters. We worked with Alana for several months not only giving Coco the skills she needed but also learning a lot about how dogs behave and why.

Without Alana’s training, it’s hard to imagine that Coco would be such an intricate part of our family. Alana taught us how love and gentle techniques can be very effective even with a dog who had aggressive tendencies and a lot of fear. We highly recommend Alana for anyone looking to have a better relationship with their dog.
~ Meridith Pierce & Coco

Cat Clients

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Bilbo & Gandolph
Bilbo & Gandolph“My cats had been together for eight years—best of friends. One day, the neighbor’s cat peeked into my apartment through the back door and my cats began fighting horribly with one of them confining the other to hiding under the bed. The fighting was so bad and aggressive they simply had to be separated!!!

Alana came over at 3 pm on a Saturday. By 5 pm (the end of the session), my cats were able to tolerate being in the same room! I continued with the retraining program exactly as Alana suggested that evening and the next morning in intervals and to my great surprise and utter joy, after about 7 hours of training in total all aggression and hissing had stopped and by the late afternoon—so only about 24 hours after Alana left—they were once again grooming one another!!! I got my happy cats back!!!!Read full story… ~ Tal Kenet, Bilbo & Gandolph

Online & Skype Clients

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Mica & Megan
Mica & Megan
“I think I neglected to tell you… the new litter box arrangement you recommended has been working great. Mica covers his projects like a pro—no more pathetic scraping at plastic sides!”
~ Jonathan Balcombe, Ph.D., author of Second Nature: The Inner Lives of Animals and The Exultant Ark, Phone Client