Animal Massage Clients

Diva2“I recommend Alana’s massage therapy for any pet…”

Alana brought great pain relief and increased mobility and flexibility to our 16 year old English Setter, Diva.

She is frail, wobbly, senile, deaf and mostly blind, but Alana quickly allayed Diva’s anxieties with her gentle patience and skillfully found the trigger points and sore muscles contributing to her pain and skewed posture.

Diva benefited from the sessions and really enjoyed them. I recommend Alana’s massage therapy for any pet, old or young, with neuromuscular issues. ~ Rob Pease & Diva

Scooter, Ranger & Nia
Scooter, Ranger & Nia“…I felt as if I were meditating.”

Alana helped me to really understand the massage techniques and ensure that I am safely massaging my dogs.

By the end of the session, Scooter was pushing up to me asking for more. The training session was so relaxing and calming for me to massage my pets that I felt as if I were meditating.

~ Heather Sidmore, Scooter, Ranger & Nia

Ziva_massage“…I absolutely recommend her for animal massage therapy.”

Alana came highly recommended and I hired her to massage my 80 pound black lab, Ziva. My wife Karen and I were impressed with her knowledge and Ziva took to her immediately. Ziva melted like putty in her hands. Alana not only massaged Ziva, but taught us how to massage Ziva as well. We now massage her daily. I never really  believed massage therapy worked or could change a dog’s behavior, but it is incredible to watch how receptive Ziva is and how massage calms her and helps her to stay calm even after the massage session ends. We were also thrilled that a professional such as Alana did housecalls so that she could work with Ziva in her own environment where she’s most comfortable. Alana is very talented at what she does and I absolutely recommend her for animal massage therapy.  ~ John Barbush & Ziva

Harry & Clarabelle
Azadeh Massage Testimonial“…Luckily, we found Alana and decided to contact her. It was the best decision we made.”

We have a 9 year old English Bulldog, Harry, who has painful joints and difficulty moving and we were looking for someone who does pet massage. We also have a 2 year old Maltese, Clarabelle, who barks a lot and is very anxious around new people and visitors coming to our house and we were looking for help on how to deal with her barking and anxiety. Luckily, we found Alana and decided to contact her. It was the best decision we made. She came to our house and worked with us on behavior modification techniques and helped us better understand why Clarabelle acted the way she did. She made us more mindful of our own body language around her and taught us how to interpret both Clarabelle’s and Harry’s body language in different situations to better understand what they were trying to communicate to us.

Alana also taught us massage techniques that helped Harry get better range of motion and feel less pain and helped Clarabelle become more relaxed and calmer. Both Harry and Clarabelle have greatly enjoyed our new skills! Massage sessions have made touching and interacting with them so much more rewarding.

Alana is patient, knowledgeable, caring and respectful and was generous with her time and accommodating to our busy schedule. We also purchased her book “Training Your Dog the Humane Way” which is a great resource that we still use when faced with challenging situations. We highly recommend Alana to any one who cares about the well being of their animals!

~ Azadeh and Ghazi Parizi, Harry & Clarabelle

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John & Ziva
Alana provides and teaches massage for John Barbush and his dog, Ziva.