Cat Clients

“…things are great—you are a genius!”

Massimo and I are doing great. I can’t tell you how much your expertise has changed our relationship for the better. Changing our normal patterns has helped a lot, and thrown his mind off of what he “usually” does. The toys have been instrumental in this. He LOVES his fishing rod with the small attachments and can play much longer than he usually does. There was one attack in the bathroom, but I was able to keep my cool and not react and I think it shocked him! We took our first trip out with his harness and leash to the front patio yesterday and you could see his little mind twirling 🙂  I still need to get him those tasty treats, but all and all, things are great—you are a genius! ~ Laura Scaduto & Massimo

Sam Cat“I highly recommend Alana Stevenson…”

I highly recommend Alana Stevenson to anyone having trouble with an aggressive or rambunctious cat or kitten. Ms. Stevenson helped me address several issues I was having with my kitten Sam, who was about six months old at the time of her visit. She was gentle with Sam, even when he was biting. Her practical tips on how to work through Sam’s behavior issues helped me to limit his biting, make sure he had plenty of playtime and appropriate toys, and eventually got Sam to sleep through the night on my bed.

Ms. Stevenson’s reassuring demeanor, innovative suggestions for dealing with behavior issues, and clear fondness for working humanely with animals made her a great choice to help with Sam. Sam and I are currently having a great time together, and we are both happy Ms. Stevenson was there to help along the way! ~ Kate Brogan & Sam

Blind Cat Alana Stevenson
“Thank you so much for your guidance and role in helping improve Lewis’s quality of life.”

In February, you came to my apartment to assess and give guidance on how to socialize Lewis, our blind, feral cat. I wanted to let you know that with much patience and many treats, Lewis is a relaxed, affectionate, and playful cat, and is a joy to have. There are still times when he’s surprised or unsure of his surroundings and will hiss or hide, but it’s understandable, and overall he is so much more confident and relaxed than he was when I first took him in.  It’s wonderful to see the change, especially when he is playing, or relaxing out in the open. Thank you so much for your guidance and role in helping improve Lewis’s quality of life.
~ Christine McKinnon & Lewis

Ernie & Gunther
“…and we’re so thankful for the help you’ve given us.”

We wanted to send you a quick update (it’s a good one!). As of last weekend, Gunther and Ernie have finally decided to get along, and they’re now able to co-exist in the apartment with no major issues. There’s a few squabbles here and there, but they’re easily managed. We’re even able to sleep with both of them on our bed. We could not have gotten to this point without you! We’re going to continue implementing all the tools you’ve given us, and we’re so thankful for the help you’ve given us.  ~ Natalie Boehnke and Brice Curtin, Ernie & Gunther

Kip & Amber 
Transferred aggression kitties“Just thought you might like to know they are still doing great!!!!”

A number of years ago now, you helped me with some transferred agression issues with my kitties. Just thought you might like to know they are still doing great!!!!
~ Lori Schaepe, Kip & Amber


Lily & Max
Lily & Max“We haven’t seen any cord chewing at all.”

Things have been going quite well with Lily since your visit. We haven’t seen any cord chewing at all. We actually just got back last night from a week’s vacation. While we were gone we gave them free reign of the house and had no chewing of plants or cords. So, we are quite pleased with how things are going. We also have changed our behavior and never yell at them when they jump on the table or counter. We just remove them with no eye contact and redirect to something else. So far so good! Thanks so much for your consultation and concern for the cats.
~ Michele & Rob Naugler, Lily & Max

Multiple Cats
bengal cats
“…Alana has been invaluable to us.”

I was very lucky to have found Alana for behavioral advice for my cats! We have many kitties in our house and Alana has been invaluable to us. We worked on getting cats to stop fighting and be better companions to each other. Alana was a huge help to us with inappropriate marking.

We worked on re-designing space in the barn adjacent to our house for amazing cat space! In the barn, Alana advised us on vertical surfaces, cat trees, litter box positioning, privacy areas and indoor enclosures which allow the cats to be happy and keep a comfortable distance from each other. In the house, we went over different rooms and furniture arrangements, as well as litter boxes and water placement to create comfortable cat areas. When needed, with cat changes and other life events, we revisit these areas and rearrange them as appropriate!

Our work together has been very important to me, my family and our cats! Alana’s insights on behavior, and the placement, size, and location of cat resources has allowed us to continue to own multiple cats, prevent behavioral issues and resolve tension between kitties (and between people)!
~ Audrey Tracey, MD & Feline Family

Sam & Sophie