Cat Clients

“…things are great—you are a genius!”

Massimo and I are doing great. I can’t tell you how much your expertise has changed our relationship for the better. Changing our normal patterns has helped a lot, and thrown his mind off of what he “usually” does. The toys have been instrumental in this. He LOVES his fishing rod with the small attachments and can play much longer than he usually does. There was one attack in the bathroom, but I was able to keep my cool and not react and I think it shocked him! We took our first trip out with his harness and leash to the front patio yesterday and you could see his little mind twirling 🙂  I still need to get him those tasty treats, but all and all, things are great—you are a genius! ~ Laura Scaduto & Massimo

Sam Cat“I highly recommend Alana Stevenson…”

I highly recommend Alana Stevenson to anyone having trouble with an aggressive or rambunctious cat or kitten. Ms. Stevenson helped me address several issues I was having with my kitten Sam, who was about six months old at the time of her visit. She was gentle with Sam, even when he was biting. Her practical tips on how to work through Sam’s behavior issues helped me to limit his biting, make sure he had plenty of playtime and appropriate toys, and eventually got Sam to sleep through the night on my bed.

Ms. Stevenson’s reassuring demeanor, innovative suggestions for dealing with behavior issues, and clear fondness for working humanely with animals made her a great choice to help with Sam. Sam and I are currently having a great time together, and we are both happy Ms. Stevenson was there to help along the way! ~ Kate Brogan & Sam

Blind Cat Alana Stevenson
“Thank you so much for your guidance and role in helping improve Lewis’s quality of life.”

In February, you came to my apartment to assess and give guidance on how to socialize Lewis, our blind, feral cat. I wanted to let you know that with much patience and many treats, Lewis is a relaxed, affectionate, and playful cat, and is a joy to have. There are still times when he’s surprised or unsure of his surroundings and will hiss or hide, but it’s understandable, and overall he is so much more confident and relaxed than he was when I first took him in.  It’s wonderful to see the change, especially when he is playing, or relaxing out in the open. Thank you so much for your guidance and role in helping improve Lewis’s quality of life.
~ Christine McKinnon & Lewis

Ernie & Gunther
“…and we’re so thankful for the help you’ve given us.”

We wanted to send you a quick update (it’s a good one!). As of last weekend, Gunther and Ernie have finally decided to get along, and they’re now able to co-exist in the apartment with no major issues. There’s a few squabbles here and there, but they’re easily managed. We’re even able to sleep with both of them on our bed. We could not have gotten to this point without you! We’re going to continue implementing all the tools you’ve given us, and we’re so thankful for the help you’ve given us.  ~ Natalie Boehnke and Brice Curtin, Ernie & Gunther

Kip & Amber 
Transferred aggression kitties“Just thought you might like to know they are still doing great!!!!”

A number of years ago now, you helped me with some transferred agression issues with my kitties. Just thought you might like to know they are still doing great!!!!
~ Lori Schaepe, Kip & Amber


Lily & Max
Lily & Max“We haven’t seen any cord chewing at all.”

Things have been going quite well with Lily since your visit. We haven’t seen any cord chewing at all. We actually just got back last night from a week’s vacation. While we were gone we gave them free reign of the house and had no chewing of plants or cords. So, we are quite pleased with how things are going. We also have changed our behavior and never yell at them when they jump on the table or counter. We just remove them with no eye contact and redirect to something else. So far so good! Thanks so much for your consultation and concern for the cats.
~ Michele & Rob Naugler, Lily & Max

Sam & Sophie
“No further attacks on Sophie by Sam”

I just wanted to follow up with you on Sam and Sophie. They’re doing very well. No further attacks on Sophie by Sam, and Sophie is no longer hiding and acting like the victim. Sam can still get entranced by his reflection, but we’ve been very successful with distracting him when that happens. He no longer howls or hisses at his reflection or at Sophie. We’ve changed our screened porch so he is not able to see ground level easily, and there’s been no encounters with the outdoor cat so far (Sam’s been in and out on the porch for the past few weeks). We don’t let him on the porch unless we’re around, so we can watch for problems. Thank you again for all your help.
~ Sharyn Kazarian, Sam & Sophie

Colby & Alani
“Colby and Alani are getting along like they did when they were younger!”

I wanted to write to you to give you and update and to THANK YOU for all of your help! Aside from a few warranted smacks to Colby’s face, Colby and Alani are getting along like they did when they were younger! They play and chase, but all fun and games! They have even stated to cuddle again!! I’ve attached a picture of the two of them yesterday evening at my moms before I brought them back to Hoboken with me! Each visit to my moms there would be less drama. It was a lot of work, but what I found worked the most was letting Alani roam freely through the house with Colby put in a room. Boosting her confidence made a world of difference! Thank you again so much for your help!!
~ Jillian Torzewski, Colby & Alani

cat cuddle - sleeping on the bed“Your services were well worth it.”

I also want to to tell you opal is sleeping in my bed AND upon awakening she climbs on my chest and we cuddle…The hissing is still there, but no pouncing. Your services were well worth it.
~ Susan and Jessica Messina & Opal


 “Rocky has not had any accidents”

Everything has been going great with Rocky since Alana visited us and Rocky has not had any accidents. I switched her litter boxes to be bigger and have been playing with her on my bed regularly.

I had trouble pinpointing what exactly was causing Rocky to pee outside of the litter box. Alana helped with strategies to improve the litter box situation, strategies to deter Rocky, and what to look for to determine if it is a behavioral or a medical issue the next time she pees (which hasn’t happened yet!).  ~ Susan Roberts & Rocky

Hope & Kk
“You definitely saved my sanity & my house.”

…things are continuing to go well. Hope consistently goes in the box in the office. The cats seem to be getting more comfortable having each other around. There have been no fights or growling. Twice when Hope has been running from the living room into the dining room she has startled Kk who has hissed at her. They look at each other for a few seconds, but then they both just go their own ways. Lately when she comes out to the dining room & he is on the table & sees her he meows at her, but doesn’t approach her. It almost seems like he’s making a friendly overture. She will look at him but then just goes back to doing whatever it is that she was doing. I’ve been giving them a lot of positive attention when they are in the room together.

Hope continues to spend a lot of time with me in my office & the living room. She actually seems to seek me out much more during the day than she did. I haven’t tried picking her up yet, but have worked with increased petting & schooching during treat time. Thanks so much for all the help that you’ve given me. I really appreciate it.  You definitely saved my sanity & my house. 🙂 ~ Marisa Baronas, Hope & Kk

cat urination review“Your recommendations were ‘spot on’!!”

Nibbler is doing so much better!! He seems much calmer and happier since your visit!! Your recommendations were ‘spot on’!! I have even told the animal hospital how great your visit was and your expertise. Changing his litter from kitchen ‘did the trick so to speak’! He loves, loves the clay fresh step litter and we have been able to take away the extra litter box from both upstairs and downstairs. I feed him more wet food, and he is urinating a lot more than before!! He also likes the fountains both upstairs and downstairs!! We can’t thank you enough, Alana!!! We both feel very fortunate to have found you!! You are passionate, knowledgeable, and you care (which is great in this ‘weird world’ right now)!!!! My daughter has also benefited from your suggestions for her rescue kitty, Spencer residing in Queens, NY – my ‘grand kitty’!!😸
~ Cathy Leader & Nibbler

Kittybear & Zozo
Bth Dayton, Kittybear & Zodiac“I’m so grateful for Alana’s help…”

A couple of weeks after I adopted Kittybear, he began biting me. The biting progressed until he was regularly biting my face and attacking my arm. That’s when I contacted Alana. During her visit Alana taught me a lot about cat development, why Kittybear was biting, and what I could do to help the situation. After the consultation, Kittybear’s behavior with me improved. Alana taught me ways to respond to Kittybear so he wouldn’t be so play-aggressive with me. Alana also recommended I adopt another kitty for Kittybear.

A month later, I decided to follow her advice. Alana assisted me with what type of cat to adopt who would be right for Kittybear and how to introduce them so they would become friends. She guided me on the age, size, sex, and temperament I should look for. When I brought Zozo home, we had a phone consultation. Alana taught me how to integrate the kittens and what signs of progress I should see.

Thanks to Alana’s help, Zozo and Kittybear became comfortable with each other very quickly. They wrestle with each other every day, and also groom each other and play. Kittybear hasn’t bitten me at all since I brought Zozo home. I’m so grateful for Alana’s help, for teaching me about how to better relate to Kittybear, opening me up to the idea of getting another kitten, guiding me to Zodiac, and helping to ensure that they got along great together. Not a day goes by when I’m not thankful that Zozo came into our lives. We’re a very happy family!
~ Beth Dayton, Kittybear & Zozo


“I wanted to thank you for your time and help…”

I wanted to thank you for your time and help with our pet issues.

At this point, the gates are up, the boxes in place, pheromones plugged in, and Dinah is using the boxes!

Yeah! Too bad I didn’t call you sooner.

~ Manya Stanciu & Dinah

Megan & Dotty“It is going really well – your advice has worked!”

It is going really well – your advice has worked! Dotty hasn’t pooped in the doorway since we moved the litter box. She is drinking more water too now that we moved it which is really good!

Thank you!
~ Megan Mueller & Dotty


AshaAlana’s advice has been invaluable …

Alana’s advice has been invaluable in helping Asha become less anxious and happier in her environment. Asha was rescued off the street and had to be declawed because she constantly attacked people and animals. She has been living with me for one year and now enjoys being brushed and petted. She also enjoys playing with string toys, which in the beginning she found too frightening to do. She still doesn’t tolerate other cats well, but she continues to become more relaxed each day. I am grateful to have her in my life and grateful for Alana’s assistance in helping us develop a better relationship. ~ Kim A. & Asha, Phone Client

Renny, Vinnie, Maui & Penny
Maui“We are a much more harmonious family now!”

I first met Alana when she was doing a seminar on cat behavior at a local shelter where I volunteer. I was so impressed with her in-depth knowledge and insight of cat behavior I asked her to help me and my husband with our four cats (3 blind and one three-legged) who were not getting along at the time. She spent two hours at our house analyzing their interactions and explained why there were issues. It was like a light bulb being switched on.

As soon as I understood the “why” behind the behavior and followed her recommendations the negative behaviors started to diminish. We are a much more harmonious family now!
~ Cyndi and Gary Pearce, Renny, Vinnie, Maui & Penny