Dog Clients

Junior & Bella
WoodyKeppel, Junior & Bella“I highly recommend Alana Stevenson for in-home consultations and behavioral issues/ training sessions with your dogs or cats.”

She provided me with the tools to address my dogs’ behavior problems. Alana has a compassionate, insightful approach with animals; apparent from the way she and my dogs connected so quickly.

In a short time, we made strides towards better understanding their separation anxiety and aggression issues around other dogs and greetings at the front door.
~ Woody Keppel, Junior & Bella

Dakota & Haley
Dakota-Haley“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate everything you taught me.” 

Dakota isn’t pawing at all anymore and doesn’t even try to push Haley away when Haley is getting attention. Dakota just comes over and sits next to her.

It’s so nice! They’re great about waiting to go out and come inside. Food is still a touchy subject, but getting much better. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate everything you taught me.
~ Perry Rooney, Dakota & Haley

Annie“I’m so proud of the progress we have made.”

I wanted to give you a quick update on Annie’s progress.

While we are out on walks, she has learned to turn and look at me every time somebody walks by us. Her barking fits are much fewer and far between. The separation anxiety has greatly improved. I’m so proud of the progress we have made. I’m seeing huge improvements in her temperament while on walks around other dogs.

I’m so proud of her! Thank you so much for your help!
~ Jenna Dodd & Annie

Zippy“I am very grateful…”

I came to Alana with my newly adopted dog, not really understanding why Zippy was showing fearfully aggressive behaviors towards strangers and men. She gave me clear, practical information that has allowed me to work with my dog at home and improve how he behaves around others. Her methods make plain sense. I am very grateful for having found a caring, gentle person to give me the tools to help give my dog a better quality of life — without the yelling, punishing, and choking that so many trainers use.
~ Jeanmarie Verruso & Zippy

Noga & Cadence“Cadence adored Alana immediately…”

When I first started working with Alana, I was in despair regarding my relationship with my dog, Cadence. He was engaging in destructive behavior almost daily, had developed a number of very neurotic habits, and was unable to demonstrate skills he seemed to have known for months. I was overwhelmed and having many doubts about my ability to help him. Before my lessons with Alana, I took Cadence to a trainer who showed me how to keep Cadence lying at my feet by holding his shoulders down by force with my hand. Simultaneously, I was to step on the leash inches from his head so he was unable to get up. I was to maintain this exercise for a half-hour daily. Cadence was clearly unhappy and so was I. I left beneath a cloud of disappointment at the prospect of hours spent forcing my dog into positions. Thankfully, I didn’t go back.

Immediately after the first lesson Cadence and I had with Alana, the cloud of despair lifted! I had never imagined that training could be such a positive bonding experience for Cadence and me. Cadence, who is hesitant and nervous with strangers, adored Alana immediately. He was so enthusiastic during our lessons and at our at-home practice sessions. As I learned to communicate with him in better ways, the blank stares which had previously greeted me disappeared. I quickly found that I had an alert, fast-paced pup who wanted to carry out anything I could request of him, as long as I could explain it to him in a way he could understand. It was clear he experienced a great sense of accomplishment after Alana’s lessons.

As Cadence and I practiced, we progressed in leaps and bounds. The process appeared to be rapidly building his confidence; he was clearly shining and glowing with pride. He would prance around, doing spontaneous tricks to induce practice sessions, which is now one of his favorite activities and his behavioral problems have lessened significantly! The more positive behaviors he learned, the more radically the destructive behaviors were minimized! Cadence’s father, Blue, who is my other dog, eagerly joined in the practice sessions at home. I had never seen such teamwork between the two of them. While Blue did not have any problematic behaviors, it was clear he was happy with my enhanced canine communication skills.

Alana has enabled me to have a dramatically better relationship with both my dogs. They love her methods, and exhibit dedication, enthusiasm, and enjoyment every step of the way. The tools I have gained from Alana’s lessons have allowed me to be a better dog partner than I ever imagined!
~ Noga Zerubavel & Cadence


Alana Stevenson has a practical and effective, case-oriented approach to compassionate dog training.”
“She gave us a personalized training regimen for our dog, Sara, to get the best response possible, and we’ve seen immediate and positive improvement. Her advice was very helpful and insightful. After the consultation and implementing Alana’s recommendations, we had a reduction in Sara’s “senseless” barking, and had a dinner party of twelve and everyone commented on the noticeable changes in Sara. Alana has a clear passion for pet training and cares deeply about advancing the human-animal bond. I highly recommend her to anyone wishing to get the most out of their relationship with their pets.”
~ Terence Krentz, DVM, Massachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital