What Clients Say

Alicia & Jinni

Alana works on distraction with Alicia and her rescue pit bull Jinni.

Dr. Ilene Segal & Tyco

Alana assists Dr. Ilene Segal with her Dalmation, Tyco.

Cathy, Bruce & Nibbler

Alana helps Cathy and Bruce with their cat’s unwanted urination and failure to use the litter box.

Janet, Charlie & Casey

Alana helps Janet Forslund’s two dogs become the best that they can be.

Judith, Rob, Lily & Rosie

Alana helps two fighting cats become friends.

Jill, Dave, Boot & Harvey

Alana helps Harvey settle in with his new family, including their cat, Boot.

Jennifer & Sam

Jennifer talks about the help she received with her dog, Sam, who was rescued from the meat trade.

Kathy, Neil & Brady

Alana helps Kathy and Neil with Brady’s excitability issues.

Meg, Bill, Izzie, Syd & Raphie

Meg and Bill were desperate to have their new blended family of two cats and dog get along.

Sharlene, Greg, Patches & Lady

Alana helps Sharlene & Greg Dorothy with their aggressive Yorkies. 

Jaime, Ed & Murphy

Alana helps Jaime and Ed Marshall with Murphy’s leash reactivity and fear of strangers.