Dog Training Lessons

Alana Stevenson’s in-home dog training lessons provide one-on-one instruction and the convenience of teaching your dog in your home environment. She services greater Boston, Massachusetts and the Burlington, Vermont area. She provides dog behavior and dog training video behavior consults internationally and if you are too far away for any in-home instruction.

Alana Stevenson teaches you how to train your dog according to how dog learns using gentle techniques and principles based in science and canine psychology. All training methods are humane. No leash jerks are given and there is no physical prompting. Alana does not use shock, pinch, choke collars, or squirt bottles.

Alana’s dog training lessons can help you to

  • Teach your dog to come
  • Get your dog’s attention
  • Walk your dog with a relaxed leash
  • Teach your dog not to pull on leash
  • Train your dog to wait, stay, lie down and relax
  • Prevent and curb play-biting
  • Prevent and lessen jumping
  • Teach your dog to back away from doors, counters, and gates
  • Dog Training Alana StevensonHousetrain or potty train your dog
  • Prevent and stop destructive chewing
  • Prevent your dog from chasing squirrels and other animals
  • Teach your dog to leave, drop and give items
  • Position your dog on leash for better attention
  • Handle a leash properly and prevent injury with Alana’s Leash Handling Isometrics™.

Private dog training lessons are approximately one and a half to two hours. If more time is needed than the designated time for the lesson, a follow up training lesson can be scheduled.

Private dog training lessons are scheduled by appointment. Deposits are required to hold all training appointments. Deposits and pre-paid discounted lessons are nonrefundable.

Need extra help? Read Alana’s dog training book Training Your Dog the Humane Way available on Kindle.

To schedule private dog training lessons, call Alana at 617.921.1224 or email her

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