Cat Training

Alana Stevenson’s cat training provides cat owners with the information they need to teach their cats correctly and create an indoor environment that provides enrichment and is best for their cats’ behavioral health. She provides in-home cat training for the Boston, MA area and Burlington, VT and Online & Skype Consults for cat owners who are not in the area. Alana’s cat and kitten training methods are completely humane and compassionate.


Cat & Kitten Training

Alana Stevenson Cat TrainingAlana’s cat training is a great way to have a better relationship with your cat and learn more about feline behavior.

With Alana’s private cat training, you can learn how to pick up and hold your cat to make your cat more affectionate and  comfortable with handling, teach your cat to come to you, respond to his or her name, and play correctly with your cat to prevent boredom and unwanted problem behaviors such as scratching and biting.

Alana will show you how to trim your cat’s nails, get your cat comfortable in a carrier, and enrich the indoor environment to make it more enjoyable for your cat to prevent behavioral problems. She will help you know how to choose the right litter boxes, litter, food and water bowls, scratching posts, cat shelves, trees, and window perches, and the best locations for them. Alana can teach you how to leash train your cat, get your cat comfortable with a harness, as well as the best styles of harnesses to purchase.

To schedule private cat training, call Alana at 617.921.1224 or email her


Kitten Socialization Classes

Alana Stevenson Kitten kindergarten - cat socializationAlana helps animal shelters create and design Kitten Kindergarten classes for adopters, and volunteers and fosters who work with cats.

Kitten socialization classes help teach kittens and socialize them to other cats and people at a critical time in their development.

Kitten classes are for cats 6 to 14 weeks. In Kitten socialization classes you can socialize and expose your kitten to other kittens and to new people in a safe and positive way.

Alana will teach you how to play with kittens to prevent boredom and biting and how to enrich and ‘kitten proof’ a kitten’s environment to prevent behavioral problems. Alana will provide instruction on how to pick up, hold, and handle kittens to make them more affectionate as adults and so they enjoy being touched. She will give tips on brushing and combing kittens, how to trim a kitten’s nails, desensitize a kitten to a carrier, and how to choose the best litter boxes, cat toys, and scratching posts to set kittens up for success.

Kittens must be six to thirteen weeks at the time of kitten socialization classes. Kittens must have received their first set of vaccinations, be FeLV negative, have veterinary approval, and be on a deworming program to participate in classes.

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